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Committees and Units

Committee of Ethics


  • developing procedures related to handling complaints against therapists working in the EMDR approach;
  • promoting the principles of the Code of Ethics among EMDR therapists;;
  • handling complaints against therapists practising the EMDR approach.


E-mail address: komisja.etyki.pttemdr@gmail.com

Audit Committee


E-mail address: sekretarz.pttemdr@gmail.com

EMDR Therapist Professional Development Committee


  • developing standards for professional growth of EMDR therapists;
  • reviewing documentation submitted by members for various stages of EMDR therapists’ professional growth;
  • supporting EMDR therapists in professional progress;
  • promoting opportunities for professional development of EMDR therapists.


E-mail address: sekretarz.pttemdr@gmail.com

Committee for Scientific Research in EMDR area and its popularisation


  • supporting scientific research in EMDR area carried out by members of PTT EMDR;
  • giving opinions on/reviewing scientific projects/grants in EMDR area carried out by members of PTT EMDR;
  • appointing experts to evaluate scientific projects/grants and to evaluate completed scientific projects/grants carried out by members of PTT EMDR;
  • giving opinions on scientific/developmental cooperation undertaken by members of PTT EMDR;
  • giving opinions on documents related to scientific activities of PTT EMDR members;
  • leading role in organising scientific conferences, seminars and other forms of popularising research in EMDR area;
  • promoting research in EMDR area among members of PTT EMDR.


E-mail address: sekretarz.pttemdr@gmail.com

EMDR Therapy Unit for Children and Adolescents


  • Promoting and developing knowledge about the use of EMDR therapy in work with children and adolescents;
  • Integrating the community of therapists;
  • Organising peer supervision meetings;
  • Constant contact with the Child & Adolescent Section of EMDR Europe;


E-mail address: emdr.zespoldzieci@gmail.com

EMDR Crisis Intervention Unit


  • providing specialised psychological assistance in crisis and conflict situations on the territory of Poland;
  • accompanying people who experience various types of crises, stabilising patients and helping them mobilise resources that will allow them to get through the crisis situation and solve it in a positive way;
  • cooperating with entities responsible for crisis management in different regions of Poland;
  • participating in various activities as a result of natural disasters, catastrophes and other crisis events on the territory of Poland;


E-mail address: zespol.ikemdr2020@gmail.com