Polish EMDR Therapy Association (PT EMDR)

To become the PTT EMDR member, three essential criteria must be met.

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Accreditation standards, developed in accordance with EMDR Europe guidelines.

EMDR therapy, developed in the United States by Francine Shapiro,

becomes one of the most widely used therapeutic approaches for working with trauma and anxiety disorders.
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Code of Ethics

PTT EMDR management

min_Monika Szpringer

Monika Szpringer

of the Board
min_Marzena Olędzka

Marzena Olędzka

Deputy Chairman
of the Board
min_Zoja Masiuk

Zoja Masiuk

of the Association
min_Karolina Rabenda

Karolina Rabenda

Member of the Board

Krzysztof Beyger

Member of the Board
min_Karolina Kulikowska

Karolina Kulikowska

Member of the Board

Bożena Andrzejak

Member of the Board

PTT EMDR Registrar

Agnieszka Laskowska

Agnieszka Laskowska

PTT EMDR Registrar

PTT EMDR Coordinator


Justyna Palacz

PTT EMDR Coordinator

Honorary membership

prof. dr hab. Maria Lis-Turlejska

Honorary member

dr Anabel Gonzalez

Honorary member

Theodore Olejnik

Honorary member

Anna Rita Verardo

Honorary member

Oksana Nakonechna

Honorary member

“…suffering may not only be processed

into art, but also into life”

– Francine Shapiro

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If the issue you raise is of a more public nature and if you agree to make your letter public on our website, please include the following clause:

“I agree for the content of my letter to be published on”

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KRS 0000431297;

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